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March 2016


Featured Resort Spotlight: El Dorado Seaside Suites

The picture-perfect Caribbean waters of Kantenah Bay are what draw many visitors to El Dorado Seaside Suites, but it’s the resort’s first-class amenities and unbridled lavishness that makes them want to stay forever. Kantenah Bay, along the Yucatan Peninsula’s…

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Infusing Local Flair into Your Wedding Menu

Add a little local flair to your reception menu by incorporating some of these staple dishes native to your destination. Mexico Menu: mexican Gazpacho, Flank Steak, Pecan Butter Balls & Margaritas Tip: When creating your menu, convey your needs…

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Your Go-To Glossary for a Destination Wedding

If you’re starting to plan your destination wedding, chances are there have been a few instances where you catch yourself questioning “what does that mean?” or “how do I know what to choose?” Fear not, because we’ve got you…


The Ultimate Guide to Destination Wedding Favors

Planning for your destination wedding is underway, and you are determined to make every detail perfect. You’ve thought about the music, the menu and the floral arrangements, but have you decided how to show your loved ones your appreciation?…