The Ultimate Guide to Destination Wedding Favors

Planning for your destination wedding is underway, and you are determined to make every detail perfect. You’ve thought about the music, the menu and the floral arrangements, but have you decided how to show your loved ones your appreciation?

Choosing a good wedding favor is never easy, but it can be particularly tricky while planning a destination wedding. The ideal favor is something that your guests can actually use, and ideally, something that reflects the unique atmosphere of your wedding destination.


Travel Considerations

Your guests are thrilled to join you at your destination wedding, but first, they will likely endure long lines and extensive security measures at the airport. Don’t make their return trip even worse with a bulky favor that forces them to check an extra bag. The risk of favors breaking or getting guests in trouble at the airport should be minimal. Play it safe and look up travel regulations before you make your final decision.

Useful Gifts

After the ceremony, your guests will likely have a few days to celebrate abroad before heading home. Give them a favor they can use while vacationing or during their return flight. Tote bags are always appreciated; guests can use them to pack for a trip to the beach or for a day of sightseeing. Personalized luggage tags will help your guests return home in style — and they’ll reduce the risk of those precious souvenirs being lost. Flip flops are a hit at any wedding involving a dance floor, but they are extra useful for destination weddings in which guests expect to hit the beach the next day. Other practical favors include personalized chapstick, water bottles, lotion, and towels.  

Cultural Favors

Your wedding is anything but typical, so why would you settle for a typical wedding favor? Instead, opt for an item that holds some significance to the local community. Food is always a winner, so select a local delicacy — and don’t be surprised if your guests consume it on the spot! Miniature bottles of booze are even better, especially if tailored to fit natives’ drinking preferences. Traveling with a bag of booze is generally not advised for international trips, so pinpoint a place to purchase alcohol upon your arrival.

Artistic favors are greatly appreciated, so give guests something they can put on display long after the honeymoon phase is over. Local fans are great in that they can double as a practical tool for combating humidity and a beautiful piece of art to show off. Small figurines are also great — just be sure they aren’t too fragile.

The right wedding favor shows guests that you appreciate the effort they’ve made to be with you on your big day. The effort you put into your favors will pay off when you see the smiles on your guests’ faces.

Happy shopping, and Happy travels!

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