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4 Tips on Pitching a Destination Wedding to Your Family like a Pro

Yes, you pick out your clothes in the morning, get your own bowl of cereal and are generally responsible for your well-being and happiness. But let’s face it: just because your parents are not in charge anymore doesn’t mean their nod of approval won’t go a long way when you’re planning a destination wedding.

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Just like you, though, your parents have dreamed of your wedding day long before it was in the works.  So, your destination wedding dreams could be quite different than the local country club affair they were busy dreaming up. Not to fear—these four steps will help to ensure they end up just as excited for a wedding in paradise as you are:

Step One: Know your facts. Knowledge is power, so offer up concrete details and show that you’ve done your homework. From the safety of your dream destination, to the time needed for travel and the estimates of your costs, putting out numbers and figures will show that you’re serious about tackling the details. Oh, and it never hurts to do a side by side cost comparison of a traditional vs. destination wedding. Your parents will likely be surprised by how much money you can save—and who doesn’t like that?

Step Two: Be patient. While you might expect your parents to leap for joy when they find out they don’t have to host out of town guests or pay for an expensive banquet hall wedding, it may take them time to warm up to the idea. Give them some space to sit with the decision before you immediately move to book a resort and flight. Avoid any guilt-tripping or pouting in the process. It may not be an overnight turnaround, but like all things, your patience should help to soften any resistance.

Step Three: Help them to get involved. Chances are, if your parents have expressed reservations about a destination wedding, it might be fear of the unknown that’s holding them back. Help them to picture the knockout beachside resort or fabulous food and amazing excursions and ask their opinions. Consult with them on the white sand beach or the tropical rainforest resort, or ask how they feel about a catamaran rehearsal dinner. The details will make the big day come alive and make them feel involved in the process.

Step Four: Stay firm. Patience is a virtue, but so is standing your ground. While it’s nice to have the support of your parents as you plan your destination wedding, don’t grovel or apologize for your decision. This is, after all, a day devoted to you and your fiancé. It should reflect your personality and wishes as a couple above all else. Plus, confidence is contagious. The more firm you feel in your decision, the more your parents will too.

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