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Attending the Human Rights Campaign Gala in NYC

This past Saturday, we had the distinct privilege of attending the Greater New York Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Gala at the historic Waldorf Astoria Hotel. As a National Corporate Sponsor of HRC, we were thrilled to be among the 1,000 activists, political leaders and staunch LGBT supporters for a night dedicated to marriage equality and the progression of human rights. To support the fundraising efforts of the evening, donated an all-inclusive getaway with round trip airfare for two to Blue Diamond in Riviera Maya, Mexico during the live auction.

The gala featured an address from US Attorney General Eric Holder, who announced plans for additional federal protections for same-sex couples, including full marriage benefits to: public safety personnel and police officers; couples involved in civil and criminal cases; and federal prisoners. The dinner also included speeches from Architectural Digest Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell, celebrity interior designer Nate Berkus and Tony Award winning actress Patti LuPone.

Though the night was filled with many profound and moving  speeches, a particular moment that struck a chord with us was during HRC President Chad Griffin’s dinner address. He explained that although we have seen tremendous progress this year for marriage equality in the US (Hawaii! Illinois! New Mexico!), there is still a need for solidarity as radical anti-LGBT policies pop up left and right around the world. Whether in Sochi, Cameroon or Nigeria, he underscored the need to oppose these laws by putting our money where our mouths (and values) are and not send our business through these countries. Further, Griffin implored the audience to think about the businesses they support and make a conscientious effort to stand with those that promote and support LGBT rights.

In short, we are extremely grateful that you have chosen to support our business. Because we understand that for every dream honeymoon or secluded beach getaway that you plan, what you also do is empower us to support marriage equality and the rights of the LGBT community. For this opportunity, we are truly grateful. We know we couldn’t do it without your support.

Happy traveling and thanks for everything you do.


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