Cabo San Lucas: The Best Of Everything For Your Destination Wedding

It’s a shame that the world often divides travelers out into useless categories. You’re apparently either a beach person or a mountain person. You like deserts or you like tropical getaways. You like to party or you like to relax. Aren’t there a few of us out there who appreciate all of these things, preferably on a short direct flight from LA?

Oh yeah, we’re talking about Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, which has been putting arbitrary travel divides to shame for decades. Here, you don’t have to decide whether you’d rather see mountains or a gorgeous beach from your wedding suite. In fact, you would probably not be shocked to find that they look pretty magical when they come together.

Like this:

oceanfront-deluxeIt’s the perfect remedy for those of us with short attention spans. Or those that demand the best. Or people who are a mix of the two (maybe that’s why A-list celebrities love it here so much?)

Cabo San Lucas is on the southern tip of the Baja California Coast. In contrast to Mexico’s Caribbean shore, Cabo’s coast shows off deeper, sapphire-hued bays, dramatic rock formations (like the well-known El Arco) and mountain vistas.

shutterstock_134434670Don’t accuse Cabo of being just a pretty face though. There’s plenty of substance—and most of it’s going on under the sea. Nicknamed the aquarium of the world, Cabo San Lucas’ strategic location in the Sea of Cortez means that some 40% of the world’s marine life can be accounted for in these waters.

For Cabo San Lucas loyalists, the enviable marine life is reason enough to return time and again. From scuba diving to deep sea fishing charters to whale watching expeditions, Cabo’s waters prove endlessly interesting and spectacular.  The crown jewel on the water is the famed El Arco formation, which quite literally juts out like a crown from the sea and serves as a popular hangout for pelicans and sea lions. It’s also home to some of Cabo’s most romantic, secluded beaches.

Of course, there are other reasons couples love Cabo San Lucas for a destination wedding. As we mentioned, you won’t be forced to pick between spa-like downtime and some rowdy fun. Might we tempt you with some leisure time at the (mind the pun) one and only One&Only Palmilla, a luxurious hideaway that’s long been a favorite of celebrities and jetsetters? Here, downtime is practically an art form whether you’re lying on a sumptuous beach bed,

beach-palapaenjoying a pre-wedding spa treatment,


or hanging by the pool that launched a thousand copycats.

vista-poolWhen you tire of watching the Pacific Ocean crashed into the rocky shore from the infinity pool (which may not happen—that’s okay), you can grab your gang and head downtown, where memories are etched from late-night antics and tequila swigging at the famed Cabo Wabo Cantina, Cabo’s over-the-top hangout owned by Sammy Hagar.

Then, after you stumble home with a few stories under your belt, you rise and repeat the next day. Beach, pool, spa, shenanigans. It’s a recipe that’s hard to one-up and makes for one unforgettable destination wedding experience.

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