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Destination Wedding Packing Tips

Okay, so you know that you’re going to need to pack your wedding attire. But sometimes, that can seem like all that you remember with all of the nervous energy leading up to your big day. If you’re suffering from a case of “wedding brain,” don’t panic. Here are a few useful tips that will make your packing as easy and relaxed as your upcoming destination wedding.

Summer time

Summer time

Plan your carry on first.
Everything that you couldn’t stand to be without in case of lost luggage should travel with you on the plane. This of course includes your wedding day attire in a waterproof garment bag, as well as a change of clothes and bathing suit if you’re traveling to a tropical destination. Be sure to include other essentials, like your vows (if you’re reciting your own) and wedding shoes. The “traveling abroad basics” (e.g. passport, itineraries, IDs and credit cards, prescriptions) also should be in your carry on too. Oh, and don’t forget the most precious cargo of all— your wedding rings!

Bring your own toiletries.
Couples sometimes plan to just buy any extras they’ll need when they arrive at their wedding destination, but purchasing common items at the resort often comes at a steep markup—and without a guaranteed selection. Items like insect repellent, sunscreen and waterproof cameras will be substantially cheaper at home, so it’s best to pack them ahead of time. Don’t forget anything you can’t live without when getting ready for your ceremony too, including makeup, hair care products, perfume or cologne, and ‘personal grooming’ products like razors, tweezers and nail clippers.

Think about your activities and excursions.
Are you planning to live in a bathing suit during your stay, or do you have an ambitious lineup of excursions planned that call for more outfit choices? Use your itinerary as the basis for your wardrobe planning. If your goal is to lie out on the beach or enjoy drinks by the pool, make sure to bring versatile pool/beach wear, practical outfits for water-based activities, as well as a comfortable pair of sandals. If you’re planning instead to keep busy with sightseeing or active excursions, stow away a comfortable pair of walking shoes, tees, shorts and a hat. And don’t forget a stylish pair of shades!

Don’t forget the wedding accessories! 
While it’s important that you prepare to dress yourself for your destination wedding stay, it’s also important that you don’t forget to dress up your reception and space tables. Keep all programs, menus, seating cards, signage and decorations together in a separate bag or suitcase. You can also store any wedding favors or welcome bags here too so all of your ceremony & reception must-haves stay together.

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