Fall in Love with LGBT-Friendly Puerto Rico

We love the seasoned destination wedding staples as much as the next couple. But there is quite literally a whole other world out there waiting to be explored. And if you haven’t yet considered Puerto Rico for your destination wedding, it’s about time you do! This emerging travel hotspot has a thriving LGBT community—an added bonus to savor along with its easy access to the US East Coast and no passport requirements. Need further convincing? Allow us to elaborate:


The Beaches

Perhaps what’s most impressive about Puerto Rico’s beaches is the sheer variety. From mile-long golden stretches with prime surfing and sailing conditions to crystal clear Caribbean shores at the award-winning Flamenco Beach that are tailor-made for snorkelers, even the pickiest of beach lovers will find something that speaks to them in Puerto Rico. A favorite among LGBT travelers? The fun, glitzy Condado zone of beaches, luxury shops and lively bars. For a quieter, romantic vibe, head over to the impeccable Vieques Island, which has a bioluminescent (read: glow in the dark) bay and remote white sand beaches.


The Culture

Puerto Rico has a rich and storied history from the time it was “discovered” by Columbus and claimed by Spain in the 1490’s to its status today as a US territory. Its passionate people are proud of their mexcla heritage, which makes its presence known in everything from spectacular wind-battered forts along the shoreline to Spanish cathedrals and incredible local food and music in San Juan. It would be hard to take a bad wedding photo with an endless lineup of historic buildings, plazas and palm-lined boulevards to explore with your guests.


The Rainforest

There are few words that could possibly do justice to Puerto Rico’s lush rainforest interior, including the famed El Yunque Rainforest. Whether you’re looking to test out your adventurous streak with a zip-lining excursion through the forest canopy or want to listen to the chatter of monkeys, parrots and cocqui frogs, Puerto Rico is a tropical oasis that will make you feel like you’ve moved to the other side of the earth—or maybe even a different planet. Plus, adventurous, outdoor-loving couples will be hard-pressed to find a better destination that offers lush natural landscapes so close to metropolitan cities.


The Romance

Destination wedding resorts can try to build an ambience of romance and passion, but there’s something about witnessing it authentically in a place that is hard to resist. From the warm summer nights which always end with sultry dancing at a salsa joint in Old San Juan or Condado, to the wild horses that roam on deserted islands near Fajardo, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the sexy spirit of Puerto Rico. It’s so contagious that you just might want to bring it back with you. It’s a great honeymoon souvenir, trust us!


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