Where Should You Host Your Destination Wedding?

What locale are you destined to jet off to?

You’ve got your true love, and your bling! And you’ve decided to get married away. What’s next? Choosing your wedding location, of course! We’re here to help narrow down where to say “I do” based on your travel preferences… so, play along and see what amazing locale is in your wedding planning future!

What was the biggest factor in choosing to have a destination wedding?

a. The cost-saving benefits and having an incredible beach trip with our friends

b. We love to travel and experience different cultures, especially abroad!

c. So we can relax and enjoy a luxurious vacation with top-notch services

d. The ability to explore the natural surroundings of our locale


You have just arrived at your resort. When you look around you see…

a. A swim-up bar and ocean waves!

b. Picturesque architecture and cobblestone streets

c. Crystal-clear water and over-water bungalows

d. Lush greenery and lots of wildlife


Your perfect wedding location is…

a. On the sand with the bright blue ocean as our backdrop

b. A charming castle with intricate detail

c. A gorgeous pier on the edge of the sea

d. A garden gazebo surrounded by beautiful flora


How do you envision spending your days while away?

a. Relaxing on the beach (or pool!) with a tropical drink in hand

b. Sightseeing and discovering new cuisine

c. Snorkeling and exploring the nearby coral reefs

d. Hiking through the rain forest to get to an amazing waterfall


What do you want your guests to remember from your celebration?

a. The variety of activities and amazing service we received for the best price

b. All of the wonderful history and landmarks we saw along the way

c. That the view, relaxation and spa treatments were beyond wonderful

d. Seeing natural eco-systems throughout the trip and in our wedding details



If you got mostly A‘s, you should jet off to… Mexico and/or the Caribbean!

Sunkissed skies, pristine beaches and a variety of all-inclusive resorts are calling your name! If you’re looking to say “I do” with the bright blue Caribbean Sea as your backdrop, take a look at all of the amazing options we have to offer in Mexico, the Caribbean Islands and the Dominican Republic!

If you got mostly B‘s, you should jet off to… anywhere in Europe!

Your wedding vision includes cobblestoned streets and historic monuments at every turn, and we couldn’t be ooh-ing and aah-ing more! From London and Paris to Santorini or Dublin, our collection of European resorts will provide everything you need for your romantic getaway.

If you got mostly C‘s, you should jet off to… The Islands of Tahiti!

Get ready for unmatched waters and amazing dive sites; the Islands of Tahiti are packed with luxurious touches for you and your guests. Book a day at the spa and relax until your heart’s content. Wherever your time in paradise takes you, you’re sure to be pampered beyond belief!

If you got mostly D‘s, you should jet off to… Costa Rica and/or Hawaii!

So, you’re up for a bit of adventure when it comes to your wedding locale! Not only do Costa Rica and Hawaii offer great eco-tourism at every turn, they also provide endless excursion opportunities for you and your guests to explore your surroundings. Get ready to check “seeing a volcano” off your bucket list!


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