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How to Stay Connected While Away

It can be hard to keep in touch with your loved ones during and after your perfect day. Here are some of our favorite ways to help you and your guests stay in touch and easily share memories throughout your celebration. We’ve even included some expert tips on connecting with everyone with you at your destination and at home, so you don’t have to miss a beat on sharing your special moments!


For connecting with your guests: WhatsApp

This free app using WiFi, so you don’t need to worry about additional data charges when calling and messaging. Make sure you have all your friends and family download it too, so you can easily communicate while abroad!

For sharing your photos and videos: WedPics

There are so many amazing features to take advantage of on this app, and it’s free! You and your guests will have unlimited photo and video sharing so everything captured will be in one place!

Tips for staying in touch with those at home:

  1. Share your WedPIcs ID or send a personal invite so you can share a real-time feed of all your events.
  2. Create a custom wedding hashtag so your guests and those are home can follow and post along with you on social media.
  3. Set time aside a few moments after the ceremony to FaceTime or Skype to share this special time with those who couldn’t make it.

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