Three Hidden Gems That Deserve a Second Look

Sometimes, there’s not as much ‘away’ in our getaway as we might hope and plan for. Perhaps we end up in a city that never sleeps instead of siesta-ing beneath a coconut palm. Or, maybe we’re talked into trying that dazzling and trendy resort with throngs of travelers awaiting check-in, only to feel disappointed by the lack of privacy and seclusion.

Away means different things for everybody, of course. It might be the physical space we crave, measured by how many continents we cross or the distance we put between us and the nearest civilization. Or, perhaps away is more of a mental state—a break from the ordinary to somewhere colorful and unexpected. Whatever it is, most of us can agree that we don’t get enough of it in our lives.

If you’re keen to put the away back into your next getaway, allow us to share three hidden gems that deserve your attention. These properties range from far-flung bungalows to private islands, but are all perfectly tucked off the well-traveled path.

3. Anacaona Boutique Hotel—Anguila: This quiet Caribbean island is known for its unblemished white-sand beaches which are crowd-free and frequently voted among the world’s best. Still, a recent tourism boom has meant glitzy hotels and crowded strips on this beautiful island. Tucked off the beaten path in a tropical garden set against the Meads Bay, Anacaona Boutique Hotel is known for its old-world Caribbean charm and great value. The staff here is among the friendliest on the island and the nightly cocktails with workers, owners, and other guests will have you falling in love with this hotel’s warm personality and community culture.

2. Parrot Cay—Turks and Caicos: Committed to eco-preservation, Turks and Caicos is the preeminent private Caribbean island with 1,000 unspoiled acres. Made famous for its electric blue waters and perfect white sand beaches, Parrot Cay is the perfect place to get lost in the natural beauty of the Caribbean. The island is secluded and remote, meaning you won’t have to share the butler service, holistic therapies, or superb snorkeling with the masses.

1. Le Meridien— Bora Bora: The Tahitian islands are the holy grail for beachgoers, not only because of their untouched stretches of sand, but because their far-flung location makes them effortlessly private and secluded. Completely renovated in 2011, Le Meridien has stunning views of Mount Otemanu and water bungalows dotting its bright lagoon waters. Whether you’re looking out the bottom of a glass coffee table in your living room or mingling with rescue turtles at the resort’s on-site rescue center, you won’t have difficulty appreciating the beauty of this exotic destination.

For more information on these properties or our other hidden gem properties, get in touch with your Certified Destination Wedding Specialist.

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