Wedding Cakes by Destination



On the other side of the globe, French couples eschew cake and opt for a croquembouche. Light, airy cream puffs are arranged in a tower and drizzled in spun sugar. Guests can then dunk the confections in chocolate and other sweet sauces. Just be sure to order extra cream puffs. Like all of the traditional wedding cakes on the list, your guests are sure to come back for seconds!


The traditional Kransekake served throughout Scandinavia has been around since the 1700’s. This tastu treat is a true showpiece of towering marzipan biscuits topped with party crackers or flags. In the cutomary Scandinavian ring-breaking ceremony, the wedding couple pull off the top rings with their hands and the number of layers still attached predicts how many children they’ll have.


The traditional cake of Hawaii is a recent addition to their wedding celebrations. In the last thousand years, haupia, a coconut pudding cake has become the dessert of choice of these island fetes. The cake is a coconut flavored white cake, coated in haupia pudding and decorated with fresh island flowers and ferns, making it an excellence choice for bringing a little piece of Hawaii into your big day.


Fruitcake is the go-to wedding cake in Mexico with pops of pineapple and coconut delivering plenty of tropical flavors. For wedding couples looking for an alternative treat, Mexican wedding cookies are delicate and portable. The crescent-shaped sweets are similar to tea cakes and feature almonds and a delicate dusting of powdered sugar.

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