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Welcome Home – Now What?


The post-wedding blues are an unfortunate reality for wedding couples who recently tied the knot in paradise. And we don’t blame them – getting ‘back-to-the-grind’ can be pretty mundane. But there’s no need to wallow! Keep busy by tackling these post-nuptial essentials:

First and foremost – REST!

It wouldn’t be surprising to us if you say you’re exhausted after returning home from your wedding away. Although you likely spent the last days of your trip relaxing on the beach, you may still feel drained upon returning home. Feel free to take a day or two to simply hang out with your new spouse and recharge together.

Write Your Thank-You NotesPost-wedding

Easily the most dreaded post-wedding activity, the thank you process is esse
ntial. Do not put it off for more than a week following your return; the longer you go without writing thank you’s, the more difficult it will be to get motivated. Treat yourself to wine or chocolates as you tackle the task and use them as an opportunity to recall fond memories of celebrating your big day with those you love most. And don’t neglect the people who made your wedding possible. Notes for wedding planners, photographers, vendors and other professionals are just as appreciated as those you write for friends and family members.

Gather and Organize Your Photos

Between beach-based selfies tagged on social media and professional wedding portraits, you’re likely drowning in a vast collection of photos across several platforms. Now isPost-wedding the time to compile these memories and show them off. Feel free to post a few on Facebook or Instagram. Display the rest in your home with a few new frames or a wedding-themed scrapbooking album. No matter how you decide to show off your photos, you’ll enjoy reliving the amazing memories you made while getting hitched to your best friend.

Start Planning
Your First Anniversary Trip

If you already can’t wait to jet off to paradise again, don’t despair. As newlyweds, you have numerous opportunities for excitement in the future. If, when you began planning your destination wedding or honeymoon, you struggled to choose between a handful of locations, now is the time to begin planning that amazing anniversary trip to satisfy your wanderlust. If you can’t let go of how perfect your wedding resort was, as your Specialist if they have any deals on return stays for your anniversary…chances are, they do!


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