4 Reasons to Love the Family-Friendly Occidental Grand Aruba Resort

When you think of a postcard-worthy island, you might have already pictured Aruba. It’s white sands are dazzlingly bright, dotted with perfectly tangled fofoti trees and endless blue Caribbean waters. To boot, the weather is about as close to perfect as you can get: a near constant 86 degrees F, with breezy trade winds to keep you comfortable. Add in a colorful capital city, historic shipwrecks, and world-famous kite-surfing and you have a recipe for a memorable island getaway. With so much to do and a wide range of hotels and resorts to choose from, it’s no wonder that families flock to enjoy this pretty slice of paradise. Below, we’ve rounded up 4 family-friendly activities to try at the Occidental Grand Aruba Resort.

4.  Antilla is the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean. Scuttled by its German captain during World War II, this “ghost ship” (as it is known to the locals) is popular with every diver. At a maximum depth of only 60 feet, part of the ship breaks the surface and it is also a popular snorkeling site. Expect to see angelfish, yellow tail and lobster among the coral formations and giant tube sponges covering the wreck.Make sure to stop by Occidental Grand Aruba Resort before you head out for diving demonstrations and rental equipment.

3. With its constant 15 to 20 knot trade winds and combination of challenging waves and flat-water locations, Aruba is one of the best spots on earth for windsurfers and kite surfers. Whether you’re a beginner, an expert or anywhere in between, you can find a suitable spot to explore. Sign up for an excursion through Occidental Grand Aruba and then head to Fisherman’s Hut Beach, a pristine spot to learn windsurfing and kite surfing.

2. Nothing brings families together quite like the great outdoors, so be sure to schedule time in Arikok National Park. Home to indigenous rattlesnakes, lizards, parakeets and owls, the park has a dramatic and scenic landscape to explore. Whether you want to climb the rough volcanic hills of the Aruba lava formation, or study ancient rock and cave paintings, there are dazzling displays around every turn. Be sure to check out the Conchi, Aruba’s most important natural attraction, with a stunning natural pool surrounded by boulders that’s fun to swim and play in.

1. As every discerning traveler knows, the details are what set hotels apart. On the top three floors of the Occidental Grand Aruba, this unique boutique experience is separate from the rest of the resort, offering suites with luxurious amenities and turndown service, VIP check-in/out, and your own exclusive beach area. The service also caters to couples, with breakfast for two in bed, French champagne and a professional photography session to capture your romantic memories.

If you’re interested in learning more about Occidental Grand Aruba Resort, get in touch with one of our Certified Destination Wedding Specialists.

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