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Top 10 Emerging Gay Travel Trends of 2014

As we begin another year, many of us will take a moment to reflect on our wishes for the year ahead. There’s always a promise of beginning new– coming of course from the insight and experience we have gained from the year before. Whether we resolve to get in great shape, spend more time with our loved ones, or finally take that dream trip, it’s the intersection of past and future that makes the new year such an exciting time.

With that in mind, we hope you’ll enjoy these top 10 emerging gay travel trends, compiled by CMI’s annual LGBT travel survey. They are filled with the voices of over 3,000 LGBT travelers, whether its concerning planning a gay destination wedding or a luxurious leisure trip.

As for us, this survey helps to remind us we promise to listen to your voices, distinctly and carefully, so that we may be guided to best serve your travel wishes and dreams for 2014.

Happy Traveling!


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